About Eric


Eric Stephenson has photographed art objects for over twenty years, and his photographs of paintings, sculptures and other art pieces have been widely published worldwide in numerous books such as Claes Oldenburg Coosje Van Bruggen – Sculpture by the Way, and 600 Years of British Painting – The Berger Collection.  His images have also appeared in magazines such as Landscape Architecture, Sculpture and On & Off the Wall.  He was formerly a staff photographer at the Denver Art Museum and subsequently directed the museum’s department of photographic services.  While at the museum he received training in art handling which continues to serve him well in working with irreplaceable art pieces.

He has photographed extensive collections of ancient art from the Middle East, Latin America, India  and Asia, as well as contemporary and ancient Native American art.  He has also photographed a vast variety of contemporary art work from the US, Europe and around the world.  Over the years he has worked on projects with well known art curators to produce catalogs and document collections.  He has also worked with conservators to document details important in the restoration processes.  He has photographed collections for auction catalogs such as Christies. His lens has captured the works of masters such as Picasso and Degas along with the works of numerous lesser known and up and coming artists.  He has photographed portraits of artists and photographed artists at work.

Eric does the majority of his photography of art pieces digitally, but if you prefer film he is also equipped to shoot 4×5 transparencies of your collection.  He photographs most small to medium size art pieces in his conveniently located studio in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood.  He also works on location throughout Denver and the front range communities to photograph large art collections and large art pieces. He is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and the Professional Photographers of America.